A History of Entrepreneurship

The cocoa fruit contains the happiness particle called "Theobroma", an aphrodisiac particle. The cacao has placed Ecuador as the land of the best cocoa in the world, being born in our Amazon rainforest and used by our ancestors The Incas as "the goldfish" that now becomes the Afrodisiak wine "The drink of the Gods" .

Afrodisiak was born from the need to create a wine that represents Ecuador internationally, for this we should look for the fruit with the best qualities to create a unique wine, so that in 2013 the Afrodisiak project begins, and it is until 2015 that Produces the first bottle of wine, due to the excellent aromatic qualities of Ecuadorian cacao, we believe that if we have quality raw material we will have a wine of extraordinary qualities. Afrodisiak is a wine purely extracted from the fruit, being handcrafted it can satisfy the most demanding palates.